Can Chemicals in Makeup Cause Early Menopause?

Can Chemicals in Makeup Cause Early Menopause?

Researchers from Washington University found women with high exposure to certain chemicals were going into menopause two to four years earlier than their counterparts.

We’re talking commonly found chemicals in products you use every single day like makeup, lotion, nail polish, and plastics.

Researchers say exposure to these chemicals interferes with our hormones.

Not only that, more exposure to these chemicals can also lead to earlier puberty for young girls, which can be dangerous.

“Women that have their period as early as the age of 12, are actually 50% higher for risk of breast cancer than women who have their period at the age of 16,” said Dr. Pari.

So what can you do about this? Next time you’re shopping for makeup or picking up some household items, check the label. Try to avoid chemicals like dioxin, phthalates, and paragons. Exposure to chemicals can at times be beyond our control, but if we continue to educate ourselves and are proactive, it can certainly help lessen some of the negative effects.

3 Ways to Avoid Chemicals

  1. Try not to heat your foods in the microwave and then eat directly out of the heated plastic.
  2. Try to drink from glass or metal, as opposed to plastic bottles.
  3. Try to eat less animal protein that is high in fat. If you’re eating animal foods that are high in fat, they happen to have a lot more of the harsh chemicals in their makeup as well.

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