Basic Gyn What Days am I Ovulating??

What Days am I Ovulating??

There are a ton of apps out these days that offer to track your cycle, but studies show that the majority of these apps are inaccurate. Dr. Pari goes through the math for you to calculate the days that you are ovulating.

Basic Gyn Is My Period Normal?

Is My Period Normal?

Dr. Pari answers one of the most common questions,”Is my period normal?” and lets you know when it is time to call a doctor.

Basic Gyn Are Tampons Dangerous?

Are Tampons Dangerous?

Dr. Pari was featured as a guest contributor in the article below, originally posted for YSB now. Dear Dr. Pari, I’m scared to use tampons because I’ve heard that they’re dangerous, and cause things like Toxic Shock Syndrome. Is it true that tampons are unsafe? If so, are there alternatives to pads that are safer? And what exactly …

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