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Why you should stop asking, “When are you having a baby?” and a Few Infertility Facts

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At a very young age we are taught the evolution of a relationship. “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Pari with the baby carriage.” This conditioning creates a natural reflex well into adulthood. When your eyes see someone …

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New Study: Increased Fruit Consumption in Pregnancy Will Make Your Baby Smarter! + Fun Fruit-Filled Recipes via Vegan Chef Leslie Durso


When a woman becomes pregnant about 1 million questions enter her mind and one of the most common questions is, “What should I eat??” Well a new study has an answer: Definitely eat a lot of fruit! A study published …

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It is Summer and Zika is Spreading: How to Choose the Right Mosquito Repellant

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Summer is here! It is time for picnics, rooftops, days at the beach, hikes and mini-vacations. I am super excited about what is come. I only have two concerns; 1. I haven’t lost my winter weight yet. 2. What mosquito …

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5 Steps You Should Take If You Have Had Unprotected Sex

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It is Sunday morning and the euphoria of Saturday night’s escapades starts to wear off as the reality of the new dawn sets in. You Had Unprotected Sex. You then begin to frantically look around the room for your clothes …

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What’s Up with The Patch and The NuvaRing? Short-Term Birth Control Options Other Than The Pill

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I am an advocate of the birth control pill and believe it is  easy to use and has relatively low side effects, but it only works if you remember to take it! If you can’t remember to take a pill …

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Uterine Transplantation: Failure or Success… Either Way, Is It Worth It?


When people think of organ transplantation it is usually in the setting of a life or death matter. It becomes obvious that it is necessary to incur the risks of organ transplantation to save a life, but is it worth …

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OUCH! Tips on how to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs are an extremely common nuisance for the sexually active female. Notice I added sexually active. That is because the number one reason for obtaining a urinary tract infection, aka UTI, aka it feels like someone …

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Is My Period Normal?!?! Answers to the number one question

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I was in the fifth grade, a month away from my eleventh birthday. I came home from school, said hi to my grandmother and my mom, kicked off my Keds, and dropped my denim backpack onto the kitchen table. I …

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CDC Reports First Time Moms Older Than Ever: Are we waiting too long to have kids?????

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I am a whole six years older than my mother was when she gave birth to me, her first- born child. In addition, I am single and have no father of a baby in sight. Even though my parents are …

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Dating apps and STDs: the possible link


As a single girl living in Los Angeles it seems as if my girlfriends are telling me about a new dating app monthly. Each app has its own gimmick modified a bit from the OG of them all, Tinder. On Bumble the girl …

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WHO publishes that 3709 million people have Herpes Type 1: The Facts about Herpes


The World Health Organization published a new study stating that that 3709 million people (range: 3440–3878 million) aged 0–49 years had herpes simplex virus 1 infection in 2012 (67%), with highest prevalence in Africa, South-East Asia and Western Pacific. I …

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Pregnancy sometimes sucks: the top ten most common side effects of pregnancy


Ladies, pregnancy sometimes sucks… I said it. There is a circulating myth amongst not-yet-pregnant women that pregnancy is nine months of glowing bliss. Yes, there are some women that love being pregnant and do it with complete ease, but I think …

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Put Your Glass Down!!!…New Study Shows No Amount of Alcohol in Pregnancy is Safe

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One of the most popular questions I receive from my patients and friends regarding what you can and cannot do during pregnancy is, “Can I drink alcohol?…Even a little?” I emphatically say, “No.” I have always explained that we know …

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5 Easy Ways to Decrease Your Breast Cancer Risk


I remember the first time I was really conscious of my breasts. I was in sixth grade and was crossing the lunchroom in my Marithe Francois and Girbaud lime green shorts and a white tee with a matching lime green …

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A Disturbing New Study About The Dangers Of Vaginal Douching and 4 More Reasons You Shouldn’t


Douching has always confused me. As a young girl I would often sneak into my mother’s bedroom and peak in her bedside table drawers, sneak into her closet and look in her lingerie drawers, and go into her bathroom and …

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