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Most Embarrassing Gyno Questions

Top 5 Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask Your Gyno

Recently featured on EyeOpenerTV, Dr. Pari was put in the hot seat and interviewed on the top 5 questions that most people are too embarrassed to ask their gynecologist. Watch the video to learn more about the following, and who knows, maybe you’ll get one of your questions answered.

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Starting from Question #5

5.  Am I normal down there?

4.  Is my PMS normal or is it that unhinged need-meds PMS?

3.  I don’t do self-breast exams. Is that ok?

2.  How many weeks past a missed period should you worry about being pregnant?

1.  Can you tell how many sexual partners I’ve had by looking down there?



About Dr. Pari

Dr. Pari
Dr. Pari is a practicing gynecologist, blogger and media contributor. She is passionate about educating women about their health and well-being. She's authentic and candid, making her readers and patients feel like they are talking to one of their best friends. To learn more about your body, visit her website doctorpari.com, find her on Facebook at Pari MD, or follow her on twitter @Pari_MD.

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