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5 Easy Ways to Decrease Your Breast Cancer Risk

I remember the first time I was really conscious of my breasts. I was in sixth grade and was crossing the lunchroom in my Marithe Francois and Girbaud lime green shorts and a white tee with a matching lime green …

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A Disturbing New Study About The Dangers Of Vaginal Douching and 4 More Reasons You Shouldn’t

Douching has always confused me. As a young girl I would often sneak into my mother’s bedroom and peak in her bedside table drawers, sneak into her closet and look in her lingerie drawers, and go into her bathroom and …

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What I Learned From My Mother and Oprah’s Diet

I have never been what one would describe as skinny, except once when a patient called asking to make an appointment with me and described me to the receptionist as, “I don’t know her name…the skinny one.” I still list …

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FIVE secret tips for staying in shape during pregnancy from an OB GYN who has done it FIVE times… And it sure ain’t me

Running while pregnant

Because of my profession (and not experience), I am fully aware of the recommended nutritional guidelines for pregnancy. I can explain to you how much weight you should gain based on your current body mass index, how many extra calories …

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The Dangerous Claims of Birthing Blogs

Pregnant Woman

Birth Without Fear is a very popular birthing blog that has wonderful information and inspiration for moms, including the new #takebackpostpartum movement, which inspires women to accept and share their real post-partum figures on Instagram. Unfortunately, I recently read a …

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Its not Godiva and Rom Coms: The 7 natural ways to cure PMS

After a fun filled weekend of bringing the funk with a friend at a George Clinton concert and eating a mushroom roll that changed my life at the soft opening of Dallas’s highly anticipated Uchi restaurant, I have found myself …

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Pesos for Pap Smears: 6 Insightful tips about going to the Gyno

My first trip to the gynecologist was at the age of sixteen when I went to see my mother’s, a jolly man who was about six feet five and weighed in at about three hundred and fifty pounds. Not intimidating …

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The Shocking Fact About Instagram That All Women Should Be Aware Of

Last week Instagram came out with a statement explaining that they were allowing pics of breastfeeding, otherwise known as #brealfies. I honestly can’t even believe I know that word. Nonetheless, its a thing. The new changes come months after Alyssa Milano, …

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I’ve had an abnormal pap smear too: The real deal about HPV and the Gardasil vaccine

I have read all of the BuzzFeed and lists about your twenties vs. your thirties only to find that I am somewhere in between. I am professionally responsible and I own my own condo, yet I still don’t know …

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Breast and Ovarian Cancer Gene: Angelina Jolie got tested… should you?

Angelina Jolie

I was a senior in high school, on my way to college, and a woman in the making, but I still was not allowed to watch HBO. Late one night, however, against the advice of my parents, I tuned in. …

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Born In The Wild?…I Can’t Even

born into the wild

I love me some Lifetime Channel . There is nothing that gets me going more than a torrid love affair turned murder mystery starring an old cast member from Beverly Hills 90210. There are also a plethora of great featured series; …

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I’m A Sinner, I’m A Saint, I Do Not Feel Ashamed: Truths and Lies About The Pill

birth control pill

I remember the day that I lost my virginity. Ok, it wasn’t much to remember, except that I overslept the morning after for pre-sale Alanis Morissette tickets. You always regret something. I remember the day my mom found out that …

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I’m Pisces, Single, and The Only Thing In my Freezer is Vodka: Facts on Egg Freezing

Anyone who follows The Zodiac knows that as a true Piscean, I am sensitive, intuitive, a little unorganized, sensual, deeply romantic and… due for another freakin’ birthday. Yes, it is that time of year. Another birthday. Gone are the days …

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Why Celebrity Pregnancy Photos are F#*cking it up For The Rest of Us

I recently came across a nude pregnancy photo of Kourtney Kardashian, bronzed and smokey-eyed, draped in a Native-American inspired feather bra with her hand strategically placed over her vag and under her bulging stomach. Little Reign Disick was about 36 weeks …

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Gwynnie is no Gyno

Gywneth Paltrow

I was tucked into a cozy booth within a quaint restaurant away from the bustle of the weekend in the middle of Sundance Square noshing on appetizers and sipping my altitude-enhanced second glass of Merlot when I looked up and …

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